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Competition (organised) fishing

Members who are already anglers and have their own fishing tackle are encouraged to take part in one of the regular boat competitions which take place most weekends from April through to October. These are very friendly with many of the participants fishing solely for fun.

To take part put your name on the list which usually goes up after the previous trip. You must arrive at least an hour before the start time to help prepare the boats. Make yourself known to one of the angling committee and you’ll be sorted out with a skipper. In the rare event that too many people want to fish priority will be given in the order names appear on the list.

Members new to fishing should speak to one of the angling committee to arrange a suitable introduction and the loan of fishing tackle.

There is a small charge for fuel plus a £1.00 per head pool for the heaviest fish.

All members (ladies and gentlemen) are welcome however using the boats requires a reasonable degree of fitness.  Anyone who cannot board a boat once it is part afloat, row, drop and lift an anchor several times in the course of a trip and, on return, jump ashore with the rope needs to make prior arrangements with a skipper who is happy to take them out.

New anglers need to be aware that toilet facilities on our boats are cartons/buckets.

Juniors may only go out if accompanied by a responsible adult.

From October through to January there is a beach league.  Details will be posted on the notice board. There is no need to pre-register, just turn up.

Details of other organised fishing events will be advertised as and when.  Let Iain Rose have your e- mail address to receive updates.

Pleasure (non-organised) use of boats

Subject to weather and sea conditions recognised skippers may take boats out on non-competition days provided they have a suitably able-bodied crewman (or woman) with them.  All pleasure trips must be confirmed with a member of the Angling committee the evening before.

Anyone wishing to take a junior or non-able bodied adult fishing must either have another fit adult with them or be in partnership with a second boat and crew.

Life jackets must be worn at all times.

Boats may never be taken out ‘solo’ for pleasure trips.

The winch must be prepared before departure. If only one boat is going arrangements must be made for a competent person to be available on the beach to assist on return.

Fuel fees must be paid in over the bar.



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